Canceled?! | Week 1

Aug. 27, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. PDT

You hear a lot about “cancel culture” these days. You know, when people (usually online) attack or totally dismiss people they disagree with. Don’t get me wrong — “canceling” someone or something is a good thing when it’s done to challenge or boycott things that are unjust or harmful. But sometimes we can be a little too quick to “cancel” and be cruel.

Not just on social media — we do it in our offline relationships too. In Jesus’ time, people were often “canceled” by society because they sinned, got sick, were poor or disabled, or because they were from a different country or culture. (Sounds a little bit like the world today, doesn’t it?) But Jesus challenged our tendency to ignore, exclude, or despise people who are different from us by often making outcasts the center of His miracles, parables, and teachings.

Here was Jesus’ point: love people who aren’t like you — don’t be so quick to cancel each other